Description of the activities of the STN MUG

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Student Scientific Society is a student organisation of MUG with over fifty years of history, associating and coordinating the activities of students gathered in student research clubs and preparing the new generation of student researchers.

STN represents the interests of student scientists before the university authorities and conducts scientific activities and events as well as holds the possibility of financing student projects. They have a multitude of initiatives including: *Student Scientific Sessions *International Student Scientific Conference in Gdansk *STUDNIA – Database of scientific projects for students *Scientific Circles Database, *‘How to Science’ workshops … *and much more.

The Society also aims at associating members of Student Scientific Circles and students conducting independent research and development activities on voluntary basis. STN MUG also promotes the cooperation between Student Scientific Circles at MUG as well as providing technical and representative support for students organising scientific conferences.

For its activity, the organisation has been awarded the Red Rose Prize several times (the prize has been awarded since 1962 to the best students and research clubs in the Pomeranian region).